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The Postwire Post – Weekly Updates – 08/16/2012

Posted by craig on 16, Aug, 2012

In this week’s Post, we’re focusing on some cool product updates that should make your life easier (at least the hours you spend using Postwire).

Check ‘em out below and then sign into Postwire to see them in action.


Upload ImageSay Goodbye To Ugly Thumbnails!

If we all had our way, we’d grab a beautiful thumbnail for every piece of content you add to Postwire.   Since that’s not always possible, you can now upload an image as the thumbnail in Postwire (or crop from a webpage).



Powered By PostwirePostwire Branding Removed From Top Of Page

We’ve heard you loud and clear.  When you share a page with a client, you want your logo to be at the top of the page, not the Postwire logo.  We cleaned up the page andmoved our branding to the bottom.


Postwire Daily DigestComing Soon:  The Postwire Daily Digest

Your colleagues are furiously adding content to your shared library.  You’re getting tons of views and clicks on your shared pages.  You can’t even keep on top of it!  Starting next week, you’ll recieve a Daily Digest in your inbox every morning with all of the activity in the last day.

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