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“Thirty seconds matter”

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 28, Jun, 2012

Thirty seconds matter in NBA playoff games, as well as sales—and is the catchy title of an interview with Nancy Nardin in the June issue of Top Sales Associates Magazine which Nancy recaps in her blog post this morning.

As President of Smart Selling Tools, Nancy Nardin is recognized as a leading expert on sales and marketing productivity tools. So when Nancy talks ROI, I listen. I’ll summarize below:

  • 215 days are devoted each year to selling activities, which translates to 103,200 minutes in 215 eight-hour work days.
  • Figure out the average per rep revenue generated per year and divide that amount by the number of selling minutes per year to get the average per rep revenue per selling minute (which Nancy shows is an average of $9.70 revenue per minute for reps generating $1M in revenue per year).
  • Free up 30 minutes per day per rep—or 5450 minutes a year (30*215)—and you open up a HUGE window of sales opportunity—to the tune of $64.5K for that rep who sells $1M a year! Wow. So 30 seconds here and there do matter!

Improve productivity and relationshipsBesides the dollars and sense of Nancy’s ROI calculations for evaluating sales tools, what grabbed me was her conclusion:


Imagine the powerful impact of a sales enablement tool that improves productivity AND relationships!

Mathematical ROI calculations fail us here. However, as Nancy astutely concludes, relational gains on top of productivity gains are just like MasterCard says in its ads: “Priceless!”. Be sure to read Nancy’s post yourself to benefit fully from her advice.

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