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Tip: Video that is short and action-oriented converts more digital marketing prospects

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 30, Mar, 2010

There was a time when companies would spend considerable time and dollars to produce long “talking head” videos. In fact, many businesses still think of this style of video when they hear “business video.” That thinking is old school.

Today, a new formula is emerging that is based on conversion numbers, not artistic experimentation. A five-minute video of executives talking, featuring slick transitions and impressive graphics, may look nice, but it often doesn’t convert as well as a 90-second video with a strong call to action.

So, want a simple formula for creating highly converting video? Here it is:

10- to 15-second intro + 30- to 45-second overview/teaser + 10- to 20-second offer/ call-to-action

Sure, many digital marketers will experiment and try a slightly longer teaser or call to action, but the general guidelines are still useful. We’ve seen them work for clients time and time again. Whether you’re using video to promote an event, such as a webinar, a whitepaper or a product/service demo or trial, keep the formula above in mind and see your conversion numbers grow.

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