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Video increases retention of website concepts by up to 300 %

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 20, Oct, 2010

Good content is essential to creating prospects and customers.  Lots of time is spent on what content to produce, but little time on what format works best.  I decided to take a look at learning styles to understand how best to communicate content..  To my surprise only 30% of people learn best by reading, check out the breakdown…

Source: Study by Suzanne C. Miller of 17,624 male and female subjects ranging in age.  NOTE:  The values exceed 100% due to a subgroup of 22.4% that are hybrid learners and count towards more than 1 category.

Interestingly, if I do some fuzzy math to compare the effectiveness of different types of websites, I could conclude the following:

This could lead to the conclusion that video can make a typical website 2-3 times more effective for audience retention. While we never looked at it this way before, it actually correlates with the results we see on our customer’s websites.  Taking a step back, here are my simple conclusions:

  1. Mix your content formats –  Diversify your content mix to include as many human senses as possible to maximize retention by your target audience.
  2. Keep it short and focused – A subset of Visitors with different learning methods will be mismatched with any given content element so keep it short to minimize drop off.
  3. Find ways to make your content “Hands-On” – In order to get at the last group of Tactile learners, use interactivity to provide a more immersive experience that brings visuals to life.
What is your learning style?  Take the survey associated with this study to find out…

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