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Postwire Launches Business Plan Offering, Further Bolstering Companies’ Efforts to Manage, Share and Track Content

August 19, 2013

New Group Management Features and Tracking Codes Make Marketers’ Jobs Easier; Better Support Sales Enablement

Postwire, which enables marketers to visually organize business content so that sales and account teams can use it to make personalized resource pages that engage each account, today announced that it has launched a new Business Plan offering designed for teams working together to distribute content to prospects and customers. Included are new product features and functionality that make the solution even easier to manage and that provide enhanced visibility and control. These enhancements bolster marketers’ content marketing initiatives and enable them to better empower their sales teams to share content and track its usage with prospects and clients.

Postwire’s Business Plan includes and allows:

  • Security For The Enterprise – The Business Plan allows marketers to manage who has access to Postwire in their organization. They can also determine who has admin access, and can therefore manage all settings. Also with the new functionality, marketers can see statistics on users’ activity in Postwire, including the total pages that each member has created, the total number of content items they have posted and the last time they have logged into the solution.
  • Consistent Branding Across The Organization – The Business Plan allows admins to manage logos and other organization–wide branding settings across their entire team.
  • Integration With Popular Marketing Automation Systems – Organizations using Marketing Automation Systems such as Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, and Google Analytics can plug their tracking code into Postwire. Every interaction in Postwire will be tracked in their Marketing Automation System, helping to see the 360 degree view of engagement with content.

“As every modern marketing department turns into a publishing company, marketers are overwhelmed with managing access to and ensuring salespeople are leveraging the most up-to-date content,” said Cliff Pollan, founder, president and CEO of Postwire. “Postwire’s Business Plan with its new features is designed to make marketers’ lives easier, streamlining the content management, sharing and tracking process to empower more effective content marketing and sales enablement. With these enhancements, marketing and sales will be better aligned, which is critical with everyone working towards the same end goal of driving new business and client engagement.”

As part of this new release, Postwire also launched its enterprise success program. Consisting of guiding you through best practices for organizing content for sales enablement, keeping your client-facing teams up to date on the newest content, and training your reps on how to use the system, this program ensures that your sales enablement will be an efficient machine.

Pricing for Postwire’s Business Plan is $300 per month or $3,000 per year. The Business Plan includes up to 10 users with additional users costing $30/month or $300/year. More details are available at

About Postwire
Postwire ( is the visual hub for business content. It enables content marketers to capture and organize content to enable their sales and account management teams. Salespeople and account managers can then use the content to create a personalized resource page that engages and nurtures clients. Postwire is a private, investor­backed company headquartered in Lexington, Mass.