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Postwire Announces HIPAA Compliance That Enables Patients To Revisit The Visit

March 12, 2013

Postwire Empowers Healthcare Professionals to Easily Capture and Share Video and Other Content in a Legal, Safe and Secure Manner, Bolstering Patient Communication and Care

Postwire, developer of award-winning software that improves content organization and sharing to enhance healthcare and business relationships, today announced that it has attained HIPAA compliance status. With the new level of security, Postwire enables clinicians to capture and share videos, photos, web pages and documents in a private, secure way with their patients. With this HIPAA compliance, clinicians across all specialties and settings, from physical therapy to oncology, from outpatient to in-hospital, can now take and share videos and other content with their patients in a legal and safe manner, right from their iPhone or iPad using Postwire’s app from the iTunes App Store.

Using Postwire, medical practices and healthcare providers can easily create private pages for their patients in just a minute, and include videos and other content to address each patient’s specific needs. More effective than paper handouts containing stick figures, for example, the personalized videos, instructions and other materials help patients become better educated about their situation and better able to follow their treatment plans. With its visual and interactive nature, Postwire is enabling health professionals to improve patient communication, rehabilitation, recovery and satisfaction.

“Postwire has taken the worry out of ensuring we are HIPAA compliant, while supporting us in our goal to provide the best possible care to our patients,” said Mike Roberts, MPT, CSCC, owner of Central Massachusetts Physical Therapy & Wellness in West Boylston. “It’s allowing us to easily leverage technology we use every day to maintain a personal connection with our patients and help make life better for them. We can engage in a comment-based dialogue with patients directly using their secure page to help guide their future care.”

“We feel Postwire and its HIPAA compliance opens up a new world for healthcare providers in terms of patient engagement,” said Cliff Pollan, founder, president and CEO of Postwire. “It enables practitioners to capture and share videos and instructions directly with their patients quickly, often while they are in the office with them and doing prescribed exercises for their rehabilitation. It then allows the patients to review the content via their secure page as often as they would like, helping them to revisit the visit at home, retain the visit information, share it with family and other clinicians, and recover faster. The feedback both from the providers and the patients has been fantastic, and we are excited about the impact that Postwire is having on patient care.”

Postwire is available to try for free with patients. For more information, visit

About Postwire
Postwire ( builds software products to help professionals connect with their clients in a more visual, interactive way. Using Postwire, professionals are able to organize and share content via personalized, private pages. Postwire is a private, investor-backed company headquartered in Lexington, Mass.