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Our Product

Create a personal place to engage each prospect and client beyond email, calls and meetings
to win, retain and grow more accounts.

Good news - Sales has changed.

And, you can make the difference. Buyers are moving faster than ever, and need their salespeople to educate and collaborate. Postwire lets you quickly stand out with a personal place to engage each prospect and client beyond email, calls and meetings to win, retain and grow more accounts.

Take a look at a Postwire

Anyone can make a Postwire. It only takes a minute. Make each prospect and client feel special by personally sharing information and exchanging insights for achieving their goals. Templates are provided to spark ideas and get you started fast.

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Sales screen

The Benefits



Security levels control access to what is shared through Postwire.

I.T. Free

I.T. Free

You don't need IT support. If you have questions, we're here to help.



Private and only shared with the people you choose to share it with.



Get real time alerts when someone views your shared content.



Create as many Postwires as you like to share with your prospects and clients.

Mobile App iOS

Mobile App (iOS)

Share Postwires on the move via our App.



Integrates with marketing automation platforms and

Daily Digest

Daily Digest

Receive daily notifications of Postwire activity to your inbox.

Salesforce Integration

With Postwire’s Salesforce App you can now get a whole new level of sales intelligence to understand your prospect and account activity.

For Sales VPs, Sales Reps and Marketers identify which accounts and contacts are most active and engaged, which contacts are sharing your content with colleagues, and understand which content is working best. And you won’t need to change your sales process!

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Marketing Automation Integration

Postwire works for you, and enhances the way you already market and sell. Postwire integrates with leading marketing automation platforms, including Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot. Postwire is designed to bring your marketing and sales teams together to help you sell smarter, faster.

Get a free demo

Get a demo

One of our success coaches will show you how Postwire can help you close more deals faster.

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Free trial

14 day free trial

Give Postwire a try by signing up for a fully functional Team Plan. No credit card required.

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