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Salesforce Integration

Sales intelligence right at the heart of your sales process helping you close more deals, faster

How can Postwire's Salesforce app help you?

Quickly learn which leads and opportunities are most active to more effectively prioritize your time and better target your sales calls.

Gain insight into the content and information your buyer is consuming and sharing within their organization.

Learn which content works best and use this intelligence to drive increased engagement with your other accounts.

At a Glance

Check out the sales intelligence that Postwire delivers for leads and opportunities in your Salesforce dashboard.

Screen shot one

Choose a report

With the Postwire reporting dashboard you can get the report you want quickly and easily.

Screen shot one

Who’s most active

It's easy to identify your most active contacts. Engagement score tells you at a glance which contacts are most active...

Screen shot one

Gain insight and take action

...then drill down to see an individual's activity. Gain insight into the content and information your lead or contact is consuming, commenting on and sharing within their organization.

Most Popular Pages

The most popular Postwire pages give you real insight to which accounts are most active overall as we capture the total activity on each Postwire.

Most Popular Content

Evaluate which content works best in helping deals close and replicate across your Sales Team to improve overall performance.

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