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Use Case: Client Account

Increase renewal rates and expand opportunities

2 - Client Account

Achieve great renewal rates and expand your client footprint

Clients depend on you and your offerings. Failure to thrive can happen even for the best products or services. Postwire connects you and your client, making it easy to share information and collaborate.


  • You try to keep in touch but the silence between personal contacts is deafening
  • Out of sight is out of mind, making it challenging to ensure client success
  • You want to stand out

Postwire Benefits

  • You and your client have a shared place that is always there
  • You can better manage the whitespace between phone calls, meetings and emails
  • Easily share ideas and collaborate, knowing whom is active

The Results

  • Client management teams are seen as purveyors of insight and industry issues
  • Increased team efficiency
  • Teams can have authentic and knowledge-led dialogue with key contacts at client accounts
3 - Client Account

Case Study:

Discover how increased their bottom line by 25% using Postwire.

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“Speed is so important, and the more quickly and completely we can answer questions, the better off both parties are.”

E. David Marinac

Anyone can make a Postwire.

It only takes a minute. Make each prospect and client feel special by personally sharing information and exchanging insights for achieving their goals. Templates are provided to spark ideas and get you started fast.

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