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Use Case: Marketing Library

Enable everyone to find and share the most relevant content and ideas

2 - Marketing Library

Create a “single source of truth”

Many organizations suffer from a Sales and Marketing disconnect. Great content created by Marketing gets lost before ever reaching clients through Sales.


  • Sales can’t find the materials they need to close deals
  • Outdated materials are presented to clients and prospects
  • ROI of content development by Marketing is diminished

Postwire Benefits

  • A simple way to maintain a single source of current content that Sales wants to access
  • Easy for reps to tailor broader marketing messages to engage each unique prospect
  • Data providing insights for both Sales & Marketing


  • Increased productivity for Sales
  • Increased visibility for Marketing into which resources are valued
  • Greater engagement by prospects leading to more closed deals
3 - Marketing Library

Success Story: SnapRetail

Discover how Postwire is a Win-Win for SnapRetail’s Sales & Marketing teams

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“Postwire makes it easy for Marketing to disseminate content, ensuring each content piece that Sales distributes is trackable and actionable.”

Ted Steele

Anyone can make a Postwire.

It only takes a minute. Make each prospect and client feel special by personally sharing information and exchanging insights for achieving their goals. Templates are provided to spark ideas and get you started fast.

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