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Use Case: New Product Launch

Get to revenue faster by empowering your client-facing teams to
personally engage and educate prospects and clients

2 - New Products

Blow out revenue goals for your new product by making Sales be experts.

Bringing a new product to market is challenging as sales teams and prospects are pre-occupied with other priorities. Empower your sales reps to be situational experts and personally engage prospects to get things moving fast.


  • Prospects don’t care about your products; they care about their problems
  • Sales team must quickly relate and make your product relevant
  • In turn, client champions must be equipped to take the message to their colleagues

Postwire Benefits

  • Reps can copy, personalize and share new product info with each prospect or client in minutes
  • Analytics allow reps to see who is genuinely interested and worth pursuing
  • Information is easy for clients to digest and share with others


  • Increased conversion rates and shortened sales cycles
  • Sales reps know where to spend their time based on client interest
  • Your company bolsters its reputation as an expert in your field
3 - New Product Launch

Success Story: Agfa Graphics

Discover how Agfa Graphics increased their lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 30% using Postwire.

View Success Story
jim-lally 2

“Postwire allows our reps to spoon-feed prospects & customers specific, relevant content, not overwhelm them with loads of generic info or send them on a wild goose chase all over the web.”

Jim Lally
Director of Inside Sales, AGFA Graphics

Anyone can make a Postwire.

It only takes a minute. Make each prospect and client feel special by personally sharing information and exchanging insights for achieving their goals. Templates are provided to spark ideas and get you started fast.

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