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Use Case: Personalized Product Evaluation

Increase conversions from product evaluations by sharing relevant content and ideas

2 - Personalized Product Evaluation

Accelerate “Yes!”

Most companies now allow buyers to try their products before purchase. Using Postwire to organize evaluation materials in one personalized place can accelerate the buyer’s decision and shorten sales cycles.


  • Sales for online retailers and SaaS companies are fast transactions requiring reps to react quickly
  • Buyers have limited patience hunting for information
  • Reps must prioritize whom to spend their time with

Postwire Benefits

  • Quickly pull together all resources required to ensure a successful software evaluation
  • Each buyer’s situation is different and each Postwire can be tailored
  • Focus attention on key resources and prevent overload from unnecessary info


  • Sales reps guide prospects through the buying process at a pace they love
  • Communication speed bumps are removed—no more hassles with email attachments and large files
  • Reps can act fast when a prospect reengages after a period of non- communication
3 - Personalized Product Evaluation

Success Story

Discover how a software vendor uses Postwire for their personal product evaluations and brings their buyers to “Yes!” sooner.

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“I love getting feedback on the information the prospect is viewing during the evaluation. It helps me breakdown barriers and dive deeper in conversations faster.”

Sales Area Manager
Software Company

Anyone can make a Postwire.

It only takes a minute. Make each prospect and client feel special by personally sharing information and exchanging insights for achieving their goals. Templates are provided to spark ideas and get you started fast.

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